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Umm Kulthum, a legend beyond Time

Presented by
Prof. Nahla Mattar
On May 18, 2021 At 5:00 PM via Zoom

This May is the 123 anniversary of great Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum.. The Star of the East…the Voice of Egypt….the Voice of Love…are the most famous titles the Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum was awarded by her audience and music lovers …actually this means a huge number of Arab fans all over the Arabic region.

An unprecedented musical phenomena, she had a unique connection with her audience. In Feb. 1975, four million people attended her official funeral in Cairo, while another virtual funeral was held in Baghdad.

As a composer, former director of Umm Kulthum Museum and as an Egyptian women, I shall guide you to the music secretes of her legend, as well as her social work efforts.

Prof. Nahla Mattar

The former Director of Umm Kulthum Museum, Ministry of Culture in Egypt (2011-2014) In addition, she is a professor at the Helwan University, Cairo. Mattar got her doctorate of musical arts in composition by the Arizona State University in spring 2005.

History of Medicine in Ancient Egypt

Presented by

Prof. Ahmed Yousef Shahin

On April 15, 2021

At 5:00 PM via Zoom

The ancient Egyptian Civilization always surprises us with Advances the Egyptians made on the Nile shore. Who, nowadays, is not aware of The Miracles of Astronomy, Engineering as well as Art. They brought to life, thousand of years ago? But: Medicine? Really?! Do we just speak about first aid care for fractures, wound healing, recipes of medicine, or do we go all the way to Surgery, Medical Instruments, advanced techniques and sophisticated diagnostic tools for baby-sex determination and psychology? Looking at details, strikes the eye with the fact that it was not an ‘ancient’ medical management, suitable for ancient times.. but on the contrary, daring to modern era we think we are the first to live in.

We honourly present an insight into Medicine on the Nile shore, dating 7000 years ago, which put, before the World knew it, standards for Medical education, Hierarchy of doctor’s experience, and became an attraction for medical care in The region which still hold water in the time we live in.

Prof.Ahmed Youssif Shahin, MD

Current Job: Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, SANA Clinic, Berlin Brandenburg, GERMANY
Son of late Prof. Youssif Shahin, Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, Egypt.. crowned (in 2003) with The German Merit Cross (Deutscher Verdienstkreuz) for a 30 years‘ cultural Cooperation between Germany and Egypt

نتشرف بدعوة سيادتكم لحضور ندوة
“رمضان في الذاكرة الشعبية المصرية”
أ.د خالد أبو الليل
أستاذ الأدب الشعبي-وكيل كلية الأداب
جامعة القاهرة
يوم الثلاثاء الموافق 20 ابريل 2021
الساعة الخامسة مساءا من خلال تقنية زووم

عندما يهل علينا شهر رمضان المبارك يستدعي في الذاكرة المصرية الكثير من العادات والتقاليد والمعتقدات الشعبية, و كل منها يستدعي ذكريات وحنينا الي زمن مضي, جميعها يرتبط بالأسرة في معناها الصغير, أو الأسرة المصرية في معناها الكبير.

الانتظار لليلة الرؤية, و التهليل والألعاب و الأغاني المصاحبة لذلك, ومدفع الافطار والامساك, و فانوس رمضان, وحلويات رمضان ومأكولاته ومشروباته, وموائد الرحمن, والاستماع الي المدائح النبوية, والسيرة الشعبية,… الي غير ذلك من طقوس شعبية, لكل واحد منها تاريخه وواقعه.

هذا ما يدور حوله حديثنا, التوقف عند هذه المظاهر الرمضانية, نبحث في تاريخها ونتلمسها في واقعنا الراهن.

أ.د خالد أبو الليل أستاذ الأدب الشعبي-وكيل كلية الأداب جامعة القاهرة

أستاذ بقسم اللغة العربية وآدابها، كلية الآداب، جامعة القاهرة
الليسانس الممتازة في الآداب من قسم اللغة العربية بآداب القاهرة، بتقدير عام جيد جدًا مع مرتبة الشرف وكات الترتيب الأول على الدفعة عام 1999

Invites you to the live lecture

Egypt, The First Open- air Museum in the World

Presented by

Prof. Khaled Shahin

On April 30, 2021

At 5:00 PM via Zoom

Egypt and its civilization represent one of the most important and greatest civilizations in the world that left a great heritage that was not matched by another civilization, so Egypt is almost the only country that has a knowledge of its name Egyptology.

the ancient Egyptian heritage was not that preserved by museums began with modern times, but this is not a true, as the ancestors left a legacy that indicates their preservation and care of the heritage of those who preceded them, and even worked to display these monuments to serve as an open air museum for Egyptian civilization

Among those who cared about the matter was Khaaoemwaset, son of Ramses II, whose name we find as restorer of monuments of king Khefren and Unas.

It seems that the boy followed his father’s efforts to preserve the treasures of his ancestors he says (I renewed the traces of my father Amun Ra, lord of thrones of the two lands)

In the Ptolemaic Period, the rulers established the Library of Alexandria, the first governmental library in the world, and an Academy of Scientific Research, whose name was Museon, from which the word museum and its synonyms are used in all languages.

City of Alexandria represents an excellent example of the Open-air museum

This city founded by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C, to be the great harbor on the Mediterranean.

One can see the Necropolis of Chatby, Mustapha Pasha, Kom el-Chouqafa.

Prof.Khaled Gharib

Current position: Head of Greco-roman archaeology department, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University
University specialization: History, Archaeology and Civilization of Egypt in the Pharaonic and Greco-roman Period