Cultural Events

(Selected Cultural Events)

International day and Lecture at Stoddert Elementary School 

In 2nd of June 2016,  the Egyptian Cultural & Educational Bureau has participated in the International day in Stoddert Elementary School, the Egyptian booth features various Egyptian artifacts and traditional Egyptian food. In 8th of June 2016, the Egyptian Cultural Attache Dr. Maged ElSayed has given a lecture about Egypt to  5th grade students and participated in a workshop with PreK students.


2016_06_02_ Stoddert Elementary School Booth


“The Legacy of Egyptian Music” Musical Performance by Karim Nagy

In 14th of April 2016 the Egyptian Cultural & Educational Bureau organized the musical event “The Legacy of Egyptian Music”.  In this concert Karim Nagi (Egyptian musician, composer, and folklorist ) and Ensemble played classic Egyptian music and songs using reconstructed Ancient Egyptian Instruments. 

2016_04_14_ Karim Nagi Concert


Dr. Zahi Hawas Lecture in National Geographic Auditorium

In 28 October 2015, a lecture was held at the National Geographic Auditorium by Dr. Zahi Hawas one of the well know Egyptologist about major recent discoveries in Egypt. The lecture was organized by the Egyptian Tourism Authority, the Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau and the National Geographic organization and hosted approximately 400 invitee.



Meeting with Students from the American University

A group of students studying for one semester to one year in the American University in Washington DC and who are originally affiliated with the American Universities in different countries visited ECEB with interest of higher knowledge of the Egyptian culture and civilization. The group had students from different countries including the United States, France, Spain, South Korea, China, Australia, Germany and Egypt. Students were introduced to information, paints and videos concerning various aspects of Egyptian life with special emphasize on tourism and monuments; they asked to be on the cultural events mailing list of ECEB

.1 american uni


Hendly School Visit to ECEB

Within the activities of the Embassy Adoption Program, ECEB – representing the Embassy of Egypt – hosted students from Hendly School in Washington DC for a general introduction of the Egyptian civilization including visiting a photo exhibition on Egypt, seeing a video on the Cairo Museum and information on Egypt’s geography. Students showed high interest of extending their knowledge in this regard and sent to ECEB marvelous hand drawings on their impression of the visit and information learned, they also showed committement for continuing their education and better knowledge of the world.


.eceb eceb2



Lecture on “King” Hatshepsut

A lecture was given by Dr. Kara Cooney, Associate Professor, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) introducing her new book “The Women Who Would Be King” discussing various aspects of the legendery Hatsheptsut and how she greatly contributed to the stability and prosperity of Egypt deserving to be considered a “King” ruling Egypt at a time where women were depived of such previlage. The lecture was given in the John Hopkins main hall and ECEB director and the cultural attaché were official guests in this important and distinguished lecture.


Lecture on “Ostraca” from Sites in Egypt

ECEB hosted a lecture given by Dr. Roger Bagnall, Professor of Ancient History, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University entitled: “Excavating Papyri and Ostraca at Berenike and Amheida: Occupation, Dumping, and Dumps”. The lecture gave ample information on aspects of life in late antiquity and uses of Ostraca in daily life as a mean of exchanging messages between people especially for official uses. The lecture also provided a glimps of the Egyptian life and houses in this era. Ostraca collected from 2 sites in Egypt gave a wealth of information on such daily uses and a great number of Ostracas were found in what seemed to be old dump area near housing (also giving hints on village planning at that time).


“Oum Kolsoum” Muscial Group Performance

One of the greatest Egyptian Singer “Oum Kolsoum” that has its vast fans along the whole Arab Countries even decades after she deceased is always living in the hearts and souls of millions worldwide. The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau along with support from the Egyptian Embassy in Washington and the Egyptian-American Community organized great Egyptian Musical Nights where the “Oum Kolsoum” Muscial Group – supported by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture provided marvelous performances that also included songs for other Egyptian great talented musicians as Sayed Darwish, Zakaria Ahmed with the great musical melodies of Riyad El Sonbaty and Mohamed Abdel Wahab.


Cultural Festival to Promote Tourism in Egypt

ECEB in collaboration with the Egyptian Embassy in Washington participated in the “Embassy Tour” organized by the D.C. Passport organization this year. This event is considered a positive step towards promoting tourism in Egypt which is one of the main sources for the Egyptian national income. More than 5000 Americans attended the event that was held for around 8 hours. The attendants were very enthusiastic to learn about Egyptian culture especially after the events of the revolution which reflected peacefulness and civil manners of the Egyptian people. The Cultural Office organized a beautiful show case of ancient Egyptian pieces and artifacts including statues and jewelry and cultural food and drinks were served to the attendants as they enjoyed listening to Egyptian music performed by an Egyptian band.



Lecture on Glass Manufacturing in Ancient Egypt

ECEB director attended a lecture given by Dr. Susan Oath for the American Research Center ARC at John Hopkins University on “Glass Manufacture in Ancient Egypt”.



Lecture on “The Nubian Museum”

The Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau hosted Dr. Osama AbdelWareth, the director of the Nubian Museum on Monday October 6th, 2008. Dr. AbdelWareth talked about the Nubian Museum, Nubian Culture and the importance of preserving the Nubian heritage.


Egyptian American Art Exchange Program

ECEB organized a video conference between the coordinators of the “Egyptian American Art Exchange Program”.  Dr. Ola Lawrence and a group of Art teachers attended from the Egyptian side.  Attendants from the American side included Ms. Susan Owens, Ms. Betty McGinnis and a group of Art and Language teachers from Arundel County schools in appreciation of the importance of the project in the advancement of Arts and cultures in both countries.

Arabesque Festival at Kennedy Center

ECEB participated in the opening ceremony of the Arabesque festival at the Kennedy Center of Arts. The festival included a showcase of movies, galleries and shows from all Arabic countries.

International Day of Languages & Cultural Diversity

ECEB participated in the international day of languages and cultural diversity organized by the Embassy of Bangladesh. Mr. Mohamed Nayel performed the “Tannoura” dance as an example of Egyptian Folk dance which was admired by the attendee.

Egyptian Students and Community Party

ECEB in cooperation with the Egyptian American Cultural Association (EACA) organized a youth party for Egyptian students and the Egyptian community in the metropolitan area.  The Blue Nile dance group performed several cultural dances including the horse dance.

Lecturing in the Library of Congress

Dr. Maha Kamel presented a lecture entitled “Egyptian Women and their Contribution to Education, Labor, Economy and Social Life in Egypt” discussing different aspects of Egyptian women’s role in improving their society and the progress in women’s rights in Egypt.

Political and Religious Authority under the Mamluks

The Cultural Office in cooperation with the American Research Center and the Egyptian Embassy arranged a lecture entitled “Political and Religious Authority under the Mamluks” presented by Dr. Osama Abi-Mershed Georgetown University who explained the circumstances that led to the rise of the Mamluks to power, also the social aspects during their ruling.


El-Adha Feast Celebration

ECEB organized a celebration for El-Adha feast attended mostly by families and children of the Egyptian researchers and Egyptian community receiving gifts and having fun.