lecture on: “Contextualising Egyptian Sites: A Case Study on Tell Zuwelen, Sharqiyah”

Presented by:

Nora Shawki

Archaeologist & Ph.D. Candidate
at Cairo University (Egypt) & Durham University (UK)

Mon, Aug 28, 2017 (6:30 pm to 7:30 pm)


This presentation is on the site of Tell Zuwelen, a site based in the Sharqiya governorate. Sharqiya is the third most populous of the governorates of Egypt with Zagazig, the capital. The site consists of two mounds situated 4 km south east of San El Hagar (Tanis). A number of similar sites in the area suggest that Tell Zuwelen may be part of a communication network and agricultural hinterland of Tanis. Previous information collected on Tell Zuwelen consisted of maps, previous archaeological survey and excavation as well as satellite imagery. The main focus is the current and future state of the Delta; while stressing on the urgency for excavation and documentation of neglected sites. Tell Zuwelen is one of many key components in understanding how the region developed during the Pharaonic period.

Egyptian Cultural & Educational Bureau
1303 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036
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Egyptian archaeologist Nora Shawki has been excavating ancient sites in the Nile Delta for almost five years and is now directing her own dig there. Nora received her undergraduate degree in archaeology at SOAS University in London, followed by her master’s in archaeology at England’s Durham University. Currently working on her Ph.D. in a joint program at Cairo University and Durham University, Nora studies settlement archaeology, a relatively new subfield that focuses on non­elite settlements and the daily lives of the communities that lived in them. Her research is focused on Late Period settlements, using material culture and religious ideologies to better understand the impact of royal policy on non­elite Egyptians. Nora is a 2015 National Geographic Young Explorer grantee.

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