Lecture on: Discovery of the Secrets of the Great Pyramid and the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Cultural and Educational Bureau of the
Egyptian Embassy
Near East Section, African and Middle East Division of the
Library of Congress
Invite you to a lecture on:

Discovery of the Secrets of the Great Pyramid
and the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty
Professor of Egyptology, Ain Shams University, Egypt
Former Minister of Antiquities

(Free and Open to the Public)
Thursday, March 30, 2017
12 noon to 1:00 p.m
The African Middle East Division Reading Room
L J 220 Thomas Jefferson Building
10 First Street S. E. Washington, D.C.  20540
Please allow time to clear security
(For additional information contact fawzi Tadros 202-707-7311; ftad@loc.gov    )

We still have undiscovered secrets in the Egyptian antiquities, especially in the great pyramid of Giza, as well as the area of king Tutankhamun’s tomb in the King’s valley. In the second half of the year 2015, the ministry of antiquities started two great projects to search and scan the great Pyramid and the tomb of Tutankhamun, which is showing very positive results until now.

Researchers organized by the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo and the French HIP Institute, working under the authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, launched this new scientific mission on Oct. 25th. Pyramids from the Fourth Dynasty (2575-­2465 BC) at Dahshur and the Giza plateau will be explored using scans that do not require any drilling. The most innovative scanning will be used by researchers from Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University, Université Laval of Quebec and Nagoya University of Japan, under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

The possible presence of unexpected hidden walls within the burial chamber of Tutankhamun (KV 62) provides the opportunity of studying all possible archaeological data.