Placement Specialists Work Opportunity at ECEB

The Egyptian Cultural & Educational Bureau is hiring placement specialists. 

Experience: Prior work with foreign students in a university setting or other work environment and familiarity of dealing with U.S. university/college administration and admission offices, and/or with the cultural office or other office of a foreign government in the U.S. is required.

Skills: Strong verbal communication, strong interpersonal skills with both faculty and student populations; good organizational, time management, superior organizational and problem resolution skills; ability to work accurately, with interruptions, and ability to prioritize work under pressure to meet deadlines; ability to work well independently and as part of a team; ability to exercise flexibility, initiative, good judgment and discretion are all required.



  1. Experience: The following experience is all highly desirable; experience in at least one area is required:
    • Work with Foreign Students: Experience in the U.S. working with foreign students in a work environment, particularly those on a scholarship, demonstrating a strong appreciation for the challenges they face as students applying and attending a U.S. university or college on a scholarship.
  • Work with U.S. colleges and universities: Experience working with U.S. university and college administration and admission offices and demonstrating a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of various schools and of schools’ needs and concerns relating to foreign students, particularly at the graduate and post-doctoral levels and knowledge of theories in student affairs in higher education
    • Work with foreign cultural offices:  Experience in the U.S. working with the cultural office or other office of a foreign government, demonstrating a good understanding of how they operate and how they assist its citizens/students attempting to study in the U.S. and support those studying at U.S. universities.
  1. Strong interpersonal and customer-friendly skills: Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to act as a resource for, provide customer service in a courteous manner to, and work effectively with, diverse groups of people at various levels with an organization.  Ability to identify customer needs and maintain and support a customer service philosophy.
  2. Sensitivity to cultural and ethnic diversity: Demonstrated ability to relate to individuals from foreign countries, preferably foreign students, or diverse ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and to work with them in a fair, supportive and cooperative manner.  Applicants should describe previous activities working with or mentoring foreign students, minorities, or other under-represented groups.
  3. Strong written and verbal communication skills: Writing skills sufficient to compose and edit a variety of documents using correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, with the ability to pay close attention to detail and proofread work carefully. Ability to develop and give oral presentations to both large and small groups, including the ability to plan activities and programs such as meetings and orientations for scholarship recipients.
  4. Ability to exercise good judgment and discretion and flexibility in the work environment and in dealing with customers: Ability to exercise good judgment and discretion in handling confidential materials and matters. Ability to work in a flexible way that allows for changes in assignments and priorities depending upon identified needs of the unit or of the customers.
  5. Ability to work well independently as well as part of a team:  Demonstrated ability to work independently, relying on one’s own initiative and self-motivation, without close supervision. Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a part of a team and establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with diverse groups of students and home-office staff.
  6. Good organizational and time management skills, and the ability to prioritize work and perform well while under pressure and meet deadlines with frequent interruptions:  Organization skills sufficient to prioritize work and complete assignments accurately, either independently or as part of a team, under pressure of customer needs and with frequent interruptions, working from own initiative and/or following direction, policies, or procedures.  Ability to use analytical and decision-making skills to offer options and resolve problems of customers in a variety of ways.
  7. Computer skills: Good computer and analytical skills with experience using word processing, spreadsheet and database applications. Experience working in a computerized office environment with word processing, database and spreadsheet skills sufficient to prepare correspondence, reports, forms, statistical materials, etc. with speed and accuracy, including the willingness to learn and use new computer programs/applications.



  1. Bachelor’s Degree: A Bachelor’s degree is required.
  1. Advanced degree: An advanced degree (e.g. MA) from a college or university in the U.S. is highly desirable.


  1. English: Fluency in English is required.

Submit CV and cover letter to: before 6/16/2017