Scientists from online pharmacy have revealed the secret of the perfect long-lasting sex

Experts of sexology from online pharmacy told the secret of perfect and long-lasting sex, which will bring pleasure to both partners. Thus, scientists advised abandoning bad habits that can worsen sensitivity during intimate affection and reduce the duration of sexual intercourse.

In their opinion, the main enemies of intimate life are alcohol and tobacco, as alcohol noticeably dulls the sensations and reduces the sexual activity of partners. Healthy lifestyle, ED medications and constant physical activity are the primary recommendations of sexologists. They note that shortness of breath, cough, and flabby body do not contribute much to love joys. Full sex life also depends on the diet.

To become a hero in bed, you have to eat right. Getting rid of stress and improve circulation will help balance vitamins and amino acids. In general, according to medical experts, health should be monitored: many diseases directly or indirectly affect sexual function. Also, don’t expect great results if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Healthy sleep is a prerequisite for quality sex. Without a full rest in the body, cease to produce such important hormones as testosterone, serotonin, and dopamine.